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New Guidelines for Gonorrhea Treatment

Lindee Abe, APRN Gonorrhea is typically an easy to treat diagnosis in medicine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have issues new guidelines for gonorrhea treatment. It requires a single dose of ceftriaxone in clinic (unless there is an allergy to cephalosporins). We should treat Gonorrhea if there is a known or suspected exposure … Read more

A Root of Evil: Increased Intestinal Permeability

I was going to start this blog post on intestinal permeability with a patient scenario but decided against it. Because there are SO many different diseases and conditions that research has shown link back to increased intestinal permeability, I couldn’t choose one to start with. The following are just a few of the known conditions … Read more

The 3 Biggest Things I Learned While Studying for my PA-CAQ

Payal Shah, PA-C While studying for my CAQ, I learned many different things. Some while sitting down and answering review questions, others while actually on shift from my peers, attendings and consultants. I can discuss a plethora of information about everything I have learned, but I think the three most relevant things are: 1) Treat … Read more

Diverticulitis Management: Outpatient or Inpatient

Melanie Jones, PA-C Diverticulitis is an infection and/or inflammation in diverticula (small pouches) that occurs in the digestive tract, specifically the colon. In fact, there are more than 200,000 cases per year in the United States. Diverticulitis is the third leading cause of gastrointestinal complaints. Some patients may require inpatient treatment for severe pain or … Read more

The Neglected Benefits of Vitamin D

Lindee Abe, ARNP Vitamin D is back! In the beginning of the 20th century, it was not uncommon for patients with infectious diseases (like influenza and tuberculosis) to be placed outside. One rationale for this is that the fresh air created a natural ventilation system that decreased the spread of the infectious disease particles. While … Read more

Performing a Thorough Abdominal Exam

Josh Nowocin, PA-C Performing a thorough abdominal examination is a core skill every advanced practice provider should know. This exam plays a key role in determining a patients gastrointestinal and/or genitourinary pathology. It can also provide insight into other anatomical abnormalities. A detailed and thorough abdominal exam also decreases the need for radiologic testing. It … Read more

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