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Night Shift Survival Guide

hospital Nightshift tips

Healthcare workers know that their job never ends.  Patients don’t stop coming to the hospital because it is a weekend, holiday or late at night. Therefore, we provide 24-hour coverage and support in order to take care of our patients – because that is what we do!  We are super-humans who save lives! But at what cost? At some point in your career you have likely had to take on night shift and that means that you have to fight your own circadian rhythm in order to stay awake!  How messed up is that?!? This is my personal survival guide (with help from my nurses) for surviving the vampire shifts!  I will start this list of with more serious topics to take note of. Then, in true night shift fashion, we will take a 90 degree turn and jump off the deep end with some fun suggestions from those who have made a few life mistakes previously!

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