Faculty Hotel Reservations – Dallas

Book your Dallas Hotel Here!

Feel free to book a hotel room if:

  • You are traveling more than 50 miles to the course and you need to spend the night

  • You have signed up to teach an entire course (all 4 sessions)

Additional hotel information:

  • Dallas Courses will be held at the Aloft Dallas Downtown Hotel.

  • Complete the form below to book your hotel at this location.

  • No payment is required – your room will be paid by the corporate account.

  • If you are not needed to teach, we will notify you no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled course date and cancel your reservation.

Please complete this form to reserve your hotel room.
    The Aloft Downtown Dallas Hotel is located in the center of downtown Dallas, 12 minutes from Love Field if you are flying Southwest Airlines. Each date is a night you plan to stay.
    Please select the type of bed you wish to reserve. If you have chosen multiple dates, your choice will apply to all dates selected.
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