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Clinical Resources

Information at your fingertips:  over 1200 individual topics available as resources while you are actively practicing, or as a tool to reinforce what you’ve learned.

We’ve incorporated a unique note taking feature that allows you to add customized notes to your resources, and tailor your practice – creating the ultimate work reference companion!


Have a question about something you’ve seen in a case?  Look it up quickly in our many available references and guides.  All topics are easily searchable, including your notes!

Diagnosis Guides

Make definitive decisions on patient care with detailed diagnosis guides.  Don’t guess, KNOW the best options for next steps in your treatment.

Clinical Decision Rules

Can you manage a patient in the office or do they require hospitalization?

There are resources available in the PPE member resource area to help you use the BEST PRACTICES for your patient care.

Curbside Consults

Browse our library for quick learning opportunities or to review clinical information relevant to your needs.  Our short video learning format is great for a quick curbside consult with audio and video.

Members Only Benefits

Once you become a member, you’ll have access to group forums, special events, continuing education offerings, live workshops, and other benefits not seen by the public.  All members also get special pricing for our live programs and other packages!

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