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Specialty Board Review Series

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Are you a Nurse Practitioner seeking to earn Emergency Medicine certification?  If so, look no further!

We have developed a unique emergency training program and board review series designed to provide you with all of the necessary requirements to meet AANPCB board certification requirements.

When combined with our Advanced Practice Provider Clinical Skills and Procedure Course, our total package includes the following:

  • AANPCB Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner Blueprint-based syllabus
  • Learning modules designed to focus on similar care categories, combined with a core live training program
  • 110+ total contact hours
  • 33+ Procedure hours
  • 23.5+ Pharmacology hours
  • ALL AANPCB requirements for hours and procedures are available in one place!
  • Over 2000 board-style review questions focused on relevant blueprint content
  • 1 year of full access to our member resource portal ($149.99 value)
  • Tuition for two full days of live education at our Advanced Practice Provider Clinical Skills and Procedure Course
  • High quality lectures and clinical skills program
  • Hands-on procedure and suture workshop
  • Opportunity to receive certification and a written letter of reference from our faculty
  • Regularly updated clinical decision tools, current literature guidelines, clinical calculators, all of our lecture materials, resources for coding, billing, MIPS, Macra, and Compliance
  • Lunch on both course days
  • A practice suture kit, tote bag, course companion guide, and additional course-related materials prior to the course ($99 value)

The ENP Exam

The ENP certification examination is a competency-based examination that tests clinical knowledge of emergency specialty care across the life span population of prenatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult, elderly, and frail elderly.

How many questions are on the examination?

  • There are 150 questions on each examination. A candidate’s score is based solely on the 135 scored questions. Of the 150 questions, 15 are pretest questions.
  • Pretest questions are questions developed during the process of Item Writing. Pretest questions are used on the examinations to obtain statistical information for determining how well they perform prior to vetting them for use on the scored portion of the examination. The pretest questions cannot be distinguished from those that are scored. A test-taker’s score on pretest questions does not affect a candidate’s final score.


Domain IDomains

01 – Medical Screening  (20% of exam, 27 questions)

02- Medical Decision Making / Differential Diagnosis  (27% of exam, 36 questions)

03 – Patient Management  (31% of exam, 42 questions)

04 – Patient Disposition  (14% of exam, 19 questions)

05 – Professional, Legal, and Ethical Practices (8% of exam, 11 questions)


DOMAIN II – Patient Conditions

% of ENP exam

# of scored items
(135 items)

06 – Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders



07 – Cardiovascular Disorders



08 – Dermatologic/Soft Tissue Disorders



09 – Abdominal & Gastrointestinal Disorders



10 – Musculoskeletal Disorders (Non-traumatic)



11 – Renal/Genitourinary Disorders



12 – Nervous System Disorders



13 – Head, Ear, Eye, Nose, Throat Disorders



14 – Traumatic Disorders



15 – Psychobehavioral & Other Disorders







DOMAIN 01 – Medical Screening 
Perform an appropriately focused history and physical exam based on chief complaint
Establish patient acuity level
Stabilize critically ill patient

DOMAIN 02 – Medical Decision Making/ Differential Diagnosis 
Develop a narrowed list of differential diagnosis based on the greatest likelihood of occurrence
Prioritize the list of differential diagnoses, considering the potential diagnoses with the greatest potential for morbidity or mortality

DOMAIN 03 – Patient Management 
Order and interpret diagnostic studies based on the pre-test probability of disease and the likelihood of test results altering management
Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures/ skills as indicated
Select and prescribe appropriate pharmaceutical agents using current evidence based practice
Select other integrative therapeutic interventions
Collaborate and consult with other healthcare providers to optimize patient management
Evaluate effectiveness of therapies and treatments provided during observation
Reassess to identify potential complications or worsening of condition
Consider additional diagnoses and therapies for a patient who is under observation and change treatment plan accordingly
Simultaneously manage multiple patients using situational awareness and task switching

DOMAIN 04 – Patient Disposition
Determine appropriate and timely patient disposition including admission, discharge (including follow-up plan), observation, or transfer as appropriate
Formulate a specific follow-up plan with appropriate resource utilization
Engage patient and/or surrogate to effectively implement a discharge plan

DOMAIN 05 – Professional, Legal, and Ethical Practices 
Record essential elements of the patient care encounter to facilitate correct coding and billing
Integrate cultural competence into patient care
Identify needs of vulnerable populations and intervene appropriately
Manage patient presentation demonstrating knowledge of EMTALA regulations
Adhere to professional ethical standards of emergency care

Source:  https://www.aanpcert.org/certs/enp

A detailed explanation of valid CME sources for eligibility can be found in the AANPCB recertification handbook.


When combined with our Clinical Skills and Procedure Workshop, the complete series will cover the entire blueprint material, and also blend clinical pearls additional resources, and our clinical toolkit into an unstoppable medical resource.  We are so confident that our model works that we will refund up to $200 of your purchase price if you do not pass your ENP certification exam!

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