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The PPE Clinical Toolkit

The Tools you Need to Practice

Equipping for career success takes many many things – a solid educational foundation, honed clinical skills, and technology to quickly help when you may not know the answers. The PPE Clinical Toolkit is here to help!

There are many databases available to fill the “answers” need, but none have affordable portable accounts you can carry job to job, clear-cut recommendations for treatments, or the option to keep track of other important notes as you work. Until now.

Instant Advice

Brief clinical videos

Expert answers to common questions

Easy to watch while working

Brief Drug Information

Commonly prescribed and ordered drugs

Get what you need in a simple view

Focused clinical tips

Current Practice

Current information at your fingertips

Easy to reference

No fluff

What to Treat, and How to Treat it

Get the right information, when you need it

Easy to use handheld interface

Flow diagrams and decision points

Understand Studies

Correctly interpret clinical studies and publications

Apply terminology to current literature

Make up your own mind about current literature for your practice

Treat Your Patients Better

Do things the right way, the first time

Easy to reference procedure guide

Step-By-Step and video presentations

Order the Correct Studies

Imaging order options organized by body part

Based on current guidelines

Order the right study every time

Get Hired and Get Paid!

Job board with active positions for APPs

Charting references for documentation

Billing and coding guidelines with tips and tricks to maximize reimbursement

Reference Tools

Common clinical conditions presented in an uncommon way

Easy to reference note cards

Take your own notes and add value to your practice

Easy to Read and Concise

Clinical note cards for FAST answers

Easy to reference note cards

It’s fairly common to fall into a routine of seeing a “typical” patient in your practice. On occasion, symptoms can fall outside our your patient norm and a little research for a solution has to be done—either to re-familiarize yourself with information you don’t use every day, or uncover a whole new topic in healthcare. 

Researching patient problems in big databases can provide exhaustive answers. Too many answers, in fact. Often, more time than Providers can afford is spent thumbing through multipage article after article that dig down to details that are not relevant to immediate treatment of the patient. Clearing through the clutter takes time!

Take your own notes and add value to your practice

Take Your Own Notes

As your practice grows, so does your personalized info

Mentally keeping track of which physician has privileges at which hospital and what days they’ll see patients when deciding referrals is near impossible on a practice-wide scale. 

PPE Clinical Toolkit has built in a note application where specific notes that apply to your practice can be recorded and reviewed as needed. As your career progresses, these notes can follow you with your individual log-in. Your notes are also printable for any hard copy needs!

You can even write personal practice notes on specific experiences with diagnoses and procedures on specific topics within the reference database.

It’s like having a pocket reference and a personalized practice guide at your fingertips.

Learning Opportunities

For skill maintenance and advancement

PPE’s foundation to provide the opportunity for continued education for Providers. We WANT you to learn more, and we WANT you to succeed. 

One of these building blocks for success is the opportunity to review. We have curbside consults that take on clinical topics in minutes and give you easily digestible information you can use in your practice every day. 

Dozens of recorded lectures and slideshows are organized by topic for in depth review of clinical knowledge that is important to your practice. 

Browse clinical topics by category to jump in and learn or reinforce something new every day. There’s 1200 individual items and counting, so you’ll have all the material you need to make you better at your job.

Affordability and Portability

The PPE Clinical Toolkit is $49.99 per year, making it affordable to keep as a professional subscription. Subscribers to the toolkit have individual logins so the database and the information recorded by the Provider in the database moves job to job as the you go through their career. It’s a nominal cost for all the resources it provides.

Members Only Benefits

Once you become a member of PPE and the Clinical Toolkit, you’ll have access to group forums, special events, continuing education offerings, live workshops, and other benefits not seen by the public.  All members also get special pricing for our live programs and other packages!

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