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Designed for advanced practice providers studying for the certification examination in Emergency Medicine (ENP or CAQ). Take your review to another level and succeed!

Our self-study board review series is designed to maximize every way you learn.

Everyone studies differently. The Emergency Medicine Board Review Series includes video, audio, flash card, QBank, and stimulus image reviews to hit every topic of your exam. When used to its fullest extent, this program becomes much more than simply a review – it will arm you with life long skills.

When combined with the 2-day clinical skills and procedure workshop, our PLATINUM PACKAGE provides all the required emergency and procedure credits necessary to qualify for both the ENP and the CAQ exam.

Save by bundling our board review programs!

Get what you need, combine what you want!

The Emergency Medicine Board Review Series

Core Review

Over 60 hours of review videos, 580 section questions and answers, and included airway course.


Realistic board exam questions with multiple step thought processes
1800 Realistic board exam questions with detailed answer explanations with audio and visual flash card summaries

Stimulus Review

Board Stimulus Review
Over 500 commonly tested clinical images with additional information and topics beyond thee basics.

Flashcard Review

Flash Card Review
Over 900 high-yield virtual flash cards with images and condition-specific review notes. Also includes antibiotic tables and qui-references guides

Audio Review

Each playlist includes several parts. For example, there are 4 abdominal playlists, each with 40 audio clips. These play continuously until stopped. Individual tracks can easily be chosen as well!
Over 1500 brief clinical vignettes and topic explanations for easy review in any setting.

Here’s What You Get When you Take Our Course

High-Yield instruction from board certified specialists who know what you need to know

Well communicated and indexed videos taken from a variety of recording locations (live programs, online recording, studio) will immerse you in the topics you need to know.

Blueprint-driven content

Our Core content and QBank are designed from the blueprint guidelines from both the NCCPA and the AANPCB. We have you covered regardless of which type of APP you are!

Personalized performance tracking

The QBank includes a personal dashboard, along with detailed performance metrics by system. A quick glance will show you your best and worst subjects, allowing you to focus your study time where it’s needed the most.

The My WeaknessesTM

Once you have answered questions from each system in the QBank, you can click the “My Weaknesses” button to automatically create a test that will focus on your weakest areas.

The You Pass Guarantee

If you don’t pass your exam after three attempts, we will give you a refund. You must submit your notices of failure within 90 days

365 days of access

All of your content is available for a full year.

Additional section questions with the Core Module

Each end of section quiz will reinforce topics learned in video review, in a high yield, brief explanation format.

1 FREE YEAR of access to our Clinical Toolkit and Optional Certification

The toolkit includes additional resources, videos, and online training opportunities. If you include the 2-day skills and procedure workshop you will also have access to the optional certification exam which. If passed, you will earn a letter of reference for potential employers!

The Advanced and Difficult Airway Course (self-study version)

Included in the Core Module as an added benefit!

Up to 113 Category I Continuing Medical Education Credits (including 32 procedure hours and 28 pharmacology hours)

Category I CME credits are accredited by the AAPA and interchangeable with every major Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Board. Additional Pharmacology and Procedure Credits are included and can be applied toward certification requirements. When combined with the 2-day program, this board review series awards 113 Category 1 CME credits, including 32 procedure hours and 25 pharmacology hours as applicable.

Packages and Individual Products


113 Category I CME Credits (includes 32 procedure hours and 28 pharmacology hours)
Includes the Core Review Module, QBank, Stimulus Review, Flash Cards, Audio Review, and registration for our 2-day Clinical Skills and Procedure Workshop.


Combine our 2-Day clinical Skills and Procedure workshop with the Emergency Medicine Board Review Series

The original Advanced Practice Provider Clinical Skills and Procedure Workshop was designed by a team of actively practicing emergency physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. It has been consistently 5-star rated since its inception. Morning lectures are well timed and paired with afternoon procedure sessions. At completion, participants will have heard, seen, felt, touched, and fully understand key clinical conditions and their stabilization and management.


90 Category 1 CME Credits (including 20 Procedure hours and 25 Pharmacology hours)


The Silver Package includes the Core Review Module and the QBank for one low bundled price! Enjoy the most common components of our board review series for a high-yield review

  • Core Review Module with Airway Course
  • Qbank
  • Audio Review

This course is perfect for anyone practicing emergency medicine, urgent care, or preparing for the Emergency Nurse Practitioner (ENP) or CAQ-EM Exam.


90 Category 1 CME Credits (including 20 Procedure hours and 25 Pharmacology hours)


The Emergency Medicine Board Review Series Gold Package includes EVERYTHING in the entire review

  • Core Review Module with Airway Course
  • QBank
  • Stimulus Review
  • Flash Cards
  • Audio Review

This is the ultimate emergency medicine self-study package, easily bundled to maximize your training and lifelong learning!


60 Category 1 CME Credits (including 10 Procedure hours and 18 Pharmacology hours)

The Emergency Medicine Core Review Module

  • 60 hours of video
  • Self-Study Airway Course
  • Section-based review questions
  • Online Notes


30 Category 1 CME Credits (including 10 Procedure hours and 7 Pharmacology hours)

The Emergency Medicine QBank

  • 2000 Emergency Medicine Practice Questions
  • Detailed answers with Flash Card and Audio Explanations
  • Performance tracking
  • My WeaknessesTM test



The Emergency Medicine Flash Cards

  • Over 900 system-based flash cards
  • High-yield facts about commonly tested conditions
  • Decision rules, antibiotic guides, and more
  • Great for adding to you review or as a resource for your practice



The Emergency Medicine Stimulus Review

  • Over 500 system-based exam stimulus pictures with additional exam facts and tidbits.
  • High-yield review helpful for radiology interpretation, reading EKG’s, rashes, and more.
  • Great for adding to you review or as a resource for your practice
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