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It is always better to hear what other people have to say about something!  Here are a few comments from those who have already attended our program:

“This is the best class out there! Every new NP must obtain this certificate because this class enables one to be marketable and compete with other NPs who have limited experience. I recommend this program to every NP program to better equip their graduates for the real world!”

Ester Toe-Macpherson, ARNP

“I have taken several clinical skill courses and this one is by far the best. The lectures are current and beautiful! Hands-on procedures and instructors are amazing. I took home SEVERAL new skills, which I can’t say about other programs.”

Daniel Wilson, PA-C

“This was hands down the best hands-on course I could have imagined!  I will likely do this program again. The instructors were knowledgeable and seemed to care if you were understanding the current skill or lecture. A must have for any NP or PA!”

Maggie Laukant, ARNP

“This is an amazing lecture series. The hands-on procedure portion was the best I’ve ever experienced. This is a great resource for those looking to work in critical care, urgent care, or emergency medicine.  This is also great for any other type of practice! The lectures are thorough and easy to follow alongside with the presentations.”

John Nowocin, PA-C

“The program did a wonderful job of not only presenting common ED pathology, but also developing treatment plans for each case. What is safe to send home with appropriate follow up, what needs admission, and what needs emergent consult in the ED. The procedure models were very realistic, and improved my understanding of the anatomy of many procedures. The section on how to manage certain scenarios is key. When to get your attending involved, when to call in consults emergently, making a case for admission with the admitting doctor are very helpful points!”

Andrew Sander, PA-C

“I feel more confident in my clinical skills after taking this course. I have been in and around the medical field for almost 20 years and it is amazing how many times I have seen something and missed it, yet today it became completely clear! These are actual providers who continue to practice, learn, and teach others what they know, so I feel like I am getting a great advantage!”

Erin Goss, APRN

“Topics frequently encountered are presented in a concise format, easy to understand, enjoyable, worth your time and money, will help you to be a stronger provider.”

Tori Hill, PA-C

“Topics frequently encountered are presented in a concise format, easy to understand, enjoyable, worth your time and money, will help you to be a stronger provider.”

Lyndsey Jones, APRN

“The class size makes it more personable. The instructors are very helpful and the environment was relaxed and this helped to enhance my learning.”

Janina Hasbun, APRN

“The speakers are very involved with the crowd and you can tell they both want people to learn.  The information presented is up to date and very easy to follow. The speakers are very engaged with their audience and want you to learn. You do not feel as if your in a lecture or classroom….you’re able to ask questions freely and share your own experiences.”

Nikka Cohan, APRN

“I love the way the information was conveyed, down to Earth, concise and relevant to practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to attend the full course again!”

Bethany Anderson, APRN

“The atmosphere of the classroom was great, the hands on workshops and all of the procedures that it covers were awesome. I have not seen an opportunity to attend a workshop that offers so many different areas all rolled into one workshop.   This course covers a wide amount of topics, in such a way that it would be beneficial to both a new practitioner up to a well-seasoned provider!”

Katherine Leonard, APRN

“This course was concise, compact and highly informative. The instructors are well versed in the knowledge they impart. The hand-on skills workshop provides ample opportunity to practice skills with a mentor who is patient while you learn. The presenters are genuinely engaged in teaching their audience the course content. The classroom setting is conducive to learning.”

Katherine Jones, PA-C

“The content was very clearly presented and used current practice guidelines. Sims were very easy to use and provided a great hands-on experience.”

Tamara McGuigan, APRN

“Invaluable educational material for refreshers or new clinicians who need to build knowledge base and skills. Excellent presenters with in-depth knowledge of material. Skills stations provide excellent opportunity for developing skills needed to practice competently. Great opportunity to learn and network. Excellent opportunity to earn CMEs. This course will have a significant impact on my work.”

Stephanie Brown, APRN

“I had such a great time and lots of fun! This team so is passionate that it permeates through the teachings. Each instructor genuinely wants you to continue to grow through learning knowledge and skills to put in practice. This was the best hands on skills I’ve had since paramedic school so long ago. The resources provided after class have been so useful. You can tell that great time and effort went to create and continues to develop high quality learning that is applicable in any area of advanced practice. Truely enjoyed every minute with these guys!!!”

Denise Taylor, PA-C

“I really enjoyed this workshop. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and they make it so easy to understand every aspect of the training. They’re an awesome group of instructors.”

Course Participant

“I am currently working in family practice and wanted to take a course for advanced skills to boost my knowledge and confidence in this arena. This class was awesome! Rob Beatty, MD, Scott Biggs, PA-C, and Rory Hession, MD were the instructors for my class and they were awesome!! Strongly, strongly, STRONGLY recommend this class if you want to acquire those skills that we as nurse practitioners often miss out on in NP school. Thanks for the awesome class guys!!!”

Renee Aulisi, ARNP

“I definitely recommend this course to all providers who wish to increase their knowledge base. The course material is comprehensive, relevant, and easy to follow. The course instructors are very knowledgeable, personable, and helpful. Personally, I found that I learn more useful clinical knowledge and skills in this 2 day course than in my graduate program. Thank you for the great learning experience.”

Gavin Roache, PA-C

“Great practical and hands on course. Teaches you all the things you don’t learn in school”

Laura Root, ARNP

“A quick review or introduction to a variety of topics that are seen frequently. The hands on procedure portion of the course helps build confidence especially as the instructors don’t treat this like an assembly line but making sure you are confident to step up and do these procedures.”

Scott Widener, PA-C

“I looked at several courses before I chose this one. I’m so glad I did! This was the most amazing 3-day experience I have ever had at a conference. Thank you to everyone for making this happen!”

Vanessa Baker, PA-C

“I would definitely recommend attending this conference! The 2 day course was concise & the content was presented in a way that ensured retainability! Thank you Dr. Beatty & staff for all the help & especially for the extended resources for future use!”

Kim Scarber, ARNP

“Love the professional, but laid-back atmosphere. It really helped me learn and retain the information. The curriculum is concise and presented really well. So glad I chose this as my continuing education! Everyone has been so helpful and extremely nice.”

Sarah Stock Laird, ARNP

“Definitely recommend this course! The content was essential for not only novice providers but for those looking for an in depth review. I learned so much as a new provider. I not only increased my knowledge base but I also obtained great skills that I did not learn in school. The instructors were amazing- they provided great information as well as making the environment fun and non-threatening.”

Stephanie Westerbeck, ARNP

“The best conference! Excellent demonstration and training of hands on skills. Great presentations! Very knowledgeable staff. Thank you for an amazing learning opportunity.”

Lori Jackson, ARNP

“Definitely recommend this course! The providers were great and covered a lot of material. The hands on experience was very helpful. There were topics for everyone that were covered and the providers even answered questions to topics not covered. There was plenty of time and space for every student to practice and ask questions. Very satisfied with the course.”

Jennifer Lewis Matherne, ARNP

“This was the most comprehensive review course filled with information that will be so helpful to my practice!! The skills lab was very realistic and the instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with our class! I would highly recommend making the trip!!!”

Rachel Ramiro, ARNP

“Great seminar! Excellent information and great procedures training! Highly recommend!”

Jim Leonard, PA-C

“I visited in November 2018 at the Orlando location. Great course. Solidified prior knowledge. Learned new tips and suturing techniques. Doc and support staff were great! Knowledgeable, laid back delivery. Short bursts of evidence based practice. Great website to look up current practices after the class is complete. They have a great thing going. Go if you can!”

Renee Dane Seaman, ARNP

“This course was excellent! Perfect balance of didactic and hands on procedure time. The instructors were great, and there was plenty of time for one on one help if needed. The material covered was concise and engaging. I am very happy I chose this procedure course!”

Karis Rodriguez, PA-C

“Great hands-on procedures and radiology review!”

Sayda Fairfield, ARNP

“Such a great course! Concise and informative over just 2 days, with tons of hands-on procedure time! Highly recommend!”

Caitlin Mathey Hastings, ARNP

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