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Are you preparing for the CAQ exam in emergency medicine?  Need to take the recertification exam?  Look no further!  over 60 hours of video and 600 practice questions.

This is the ultimate test review bank.  Over 1700 questions. Explanations for correct and incorrect answers.  Graphic flash card explanations. Audio answer explanations.

Nearly 2000 brief audio presentations focusing on commonly tested emergency medicine content.  Great for listening while exercising, driving, running, or just relaxing.

High yield graphic review cards for over 1000 topics in emergency medicine, organized by category.  These are great for quick review, or even as a mobile phone resource.

Over 500 commonly tested clinical pictures.  Includes EKGs, radiology, dermatology, and pathologic clinical findings.  Great for study, review, and as a pocket resource.

Satisfy your airway course requirements with this online program.  Airway managment is presented in a detailed, thorough and concise format with high resolution videos.

Drips, lines, dysrhythmias, and everything in between.  Learn critical care management by system.  A perfect review for those taking acute care certification exams.  COMING SOON!

Our review series components can also be bundled as a package along with our hands on live program! 

Silver Package

Emergency Medicine BRS
Advanced Difficult Airway Course


Gold Package

Includes Silver Package


Review Flash Cards
Review Audio Playlist
Stimulus Review

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Platinum Package

Includes Gold Package PLUS:


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