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How to Improve the American Diet

How to improve the american diet

Over the last few months, we have seen how much power the media and internet have. We all know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations regarding COVID-19: wear a mask, stay six feet apart and avoid crowds. This message has spread like wildfire throughout the entire world. Why hasn’t a focus on personal … Read more

Prevention is Key

preventative medicine

As health care providers we wear many different hats, we have such an awesome responsibility of caring for our patients. A few of our responsibilities include diagnosing, treating, educating, encouraging and the list goes on. One of my favorite roles in caring for patients is focusing on the prevention of disease. I think as providers one of the best feelings in the world is seeing our patients move away from the illness end of the spectrum to the wellness end of the spectrum. In this blog post I’m going to focus on encouraging and educating our patients on nutrition and physical activity. 

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