Life as a Certified Emergency Physician Assistant

Payal Shah, PA-C, EMPA Choosing A Specialty Life as a certified emergency physician assistant takes dedication to our specialty, time to prepare for, and an exam to become certified. It was the best decision of my career. I knew after my emergency rotation that I wanted to practice emergency medicine. After I graduated I moved … Read more

My Journey with Charcot Marie Tooth disease

Charcot Marie Tooth

My name is Kelsey Bates and I am a family nurse practitioner. I wanted to turn the tables abit in this blog post, from being a provider to being the patient, and share my story of having Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). Growing up, I’d say I had a normal, healthy childhood, until I hit the … Read more

Depression is a Challenging Diagnosis

Depression - A Challenging Diagnosis

Jason Thornton, APRN Depression is a very common disorder that severely limits quality of life. It is challenging to diagnose and also easily explained away as numerous other emotional or temporary conditions. Depression is in fact very difficult to identify and treat for many patients. Likewise, only 10% of primary care patients are treated for … Read more

The VALUE of Subspecialization

The Value of Subspecialization

The value of subspecialization for nurse practitioners and physician assistants cannot be clearer than it is now. Since the global pandemic, we are seeing providers – including physicians – leave the work force in record numbers. We have also seen changes in patient visit patterns. In fact, emergency department volumes are down almost 30% nationwide … Read more

The Evidence on Omega-3 Supplementation

In today’s world there are many supplements out on the market. There are supplements out there that claim to make people years younger, make a person super skinny without ever working out, make ladies grow long, beautiful hair and the list goes on. When it comes to supplements, we definitely have to go to our … Read more

Fibromyalgia: is it Treatable?

Fibromyalgia…I feel that the waters are somewhat muddy when it comes to this chronic condition based on what I have heard or read some health care providers say. Through my own research and experience it is a very real condition that is treatable. It hurts my heart when patients who are suffering with the symptoms … Read more

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