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What does it take to make a quality medical education program?

what does it take to make a quality medical education program

The short answer is Time!  The long answer highlights all of the actual work involved to go from the concept of a good clinical topic to a polished presentation.  Excellent original content takes a deep commitment to create, and identifying the literature, research, and data behind a clinical topic can be very time consuming.  Once found, tying the clinical pieces and information together into a cohesive and interesting presentation begins.

The Medical Presentations

At Provider Practice Essentials, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure that your clinical education and procedure training programs are well thought, polished, and the highest quality possible. Once we identify a clinical topic, we spend on average 87 hours per program simply collecting data, sources, graphics, videos, radiographs ekgs, developing original artwork, and creating a presentation format. This is before we even begin to design a single presentation.  Presentation creation is designed to focus on the topic the way we want it presented. Clearly, some topics will need to be presented in different ways, and our clinical education philosophy has always been to present medicine and practice management as one in the same.

When it comes to creating and delivering medical education, we stand shoulders above our competition!

Once the presentations have been organized and chronologically sorted, we apply our touch to the program, and identify areas we can streamline our presentation to focus on the clinical points in the most concise manner possible.  Our orthopedic lectures, for example, incorporate unique action icons to help deliver management education to our audience, without the burden of wordy repetition. Also, we managed to find a unique way to incorporate the clinical management of fractures into the same radiographs that present them, allowing our participants to see, in a single picture, abnormal findings, identify fractures, compare to normal expectations, and know treatment options with a single glance.  Making learning fun, efficient, and high yield has been one of the secrets to our success.

From the beginning of concept to the end of a single draft presentation, well over 200 hours per topic is molded together to create a single hour of presentation material.  Our learning modules are created with a small group interaction in mind, and allow you as the participant to focus clearly on the topics and interact everyone in the room while contributing to the experience – not taking away from it.  

Part of practicing medicine is working as a team, and what fun is learning in a program if you can’t learn together?  Our programs are spaced out and timed to incorporate anticipated questions, and allow time for thorough answers and explanations.  Group involvement is encouraged, and our feedback regularly raves about the quality of our presentation materials!

Once the physical activities have been created and are ready for review, they are shared with the entire faculty, who then each review the content and make suggestions for additions or omissions.  Each member of our team adds their own personal touch and experience to our student’s education, making it more inclusive and robust. The final review of a completed presentation includes animation, graphic editing, spell-checking, proofing, and finally saving as multiple backup formats.  We have engineered backup presentations to ensure that there is not a scenario (other than our venue losing power) that will prevent our participants from having the same experience.

Once finalized and backed up, each of our faculty members rehearse our lectures in front of each other, identifying strengths and weaknesses of the topics presented and adding to the overall delivery of our message.  Additional edits are often required, and the presentation is maximized to cater to the speaker’s ability to deliver the content, and the participant’s ability to learn it. We want to teach, and it shows! In addition to the preparation time, the practice and editing time easily adds an additional 100 hours per presentation to the final product.  This time investment pays dividends by allowing us to deliver the highest quality small-group format education sessions available, and rivaling even some of the best academic institutions.

We realize that presentations are only a small part of the overall experience.  This is why we have considered everything needed to deliver a high-quality and consistent program.  We have meticulously considered every aspect of our education series, and deliberately made detailed decisions to ensure that every portion of our program is perfected.  We started by investing in our own AV equipment to ensure that the viewing experience was optimized for our teaching goals, and identical at every site. The screen size for our projector, the room size and acoustics, the type of screen, and the lumens of the projector lamp were all carefully chosen to ensure that every seat in the room can appreciate the same details such as hairline fractures, delta waves, and fine skin rashes.  We visited several hotels in each market to ensure that the room sizes and locations would accomodate the best learning environment possible. We sampled the food, drank the coffee, and literally sat in every location of the room before we selected the right venues for our program. Again – details often overlooked by the average program, but things that we feel are additive to the best experience possible.

We understand the need for high quality consistency and well-organized delivery of a good educational session, and have left no stone unturned to find the perfect combination for our audience.  Our feedback has been phenomenal, and we strongly believe that the participants who have attended our program in the past will continue to be our best source of advertisement. We hope you will view our philosophy, presentation style, and selected topics to be the base of a strong foundation, and a solid investment into your clinical future and patient care.  Our aim has been simple from the beginning – to provide the most focused, current, and concise educational experience possible!

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