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Providing Surgical Wound Care

Joshua Nowocin, PA-C Providing surgical wound care is a very common outpatient practice. Almost every outpatient center has had to provide Surgical wound care. There is plenty of information regarding wounds, so to keep it simple, this discussion will focus on Surgical wounds with normal and abnormal healing. Likewise, wounds can be classified as acute, … Read more

How to Repair a Laceration

How to repair a laceration

Marsena Collins, FNP-C, ENC-C Knowing how to repair a laceration is an essential skill for almost any provider to have. People will always injure themselves and likewise, they will need our skills. Let’s briefly discuss the process of laceration closure. Step 1: Wound Anatomy Prior to closure it’s important to understand basic wound anatomy. Remember … Read more

Life as a Certified Emergency Physician Assistant

Payal Shah, PA-C, EMPA Choosing A Specialty Life as a certified emergency physician assistant takes dedication to our specialty, time to prepare for, and an exam to become certified. It was the best decision of my career. I knew after my emergency rotation that I wanted to practice emergency medicine. After I graduated I moved … Read more

How to Study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Physician Assistant PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Payal Shah, PA-C, EMPA Learning how to study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine starts with the specialty you practice. I graduated from a Florida PA school in 2017. Immediately afterward I moved to rural Illinois to start working in emergency medicine. The difference in weather was the least of my concerns with starting practice as … Read more

Types of Shock and Therapeutic Interventions

The four types of shock and therapeautic interventions discussed in detail.

Do you know the four types of shock and how to manage shock patients based on they type of shock they are in? If shock patients are not routine in your practice, this review will re-familiarize you with them and the therapeutic interventions recommended for treatment. What are the four types of shock? Shock is … Read more

Non-traumatic knee pain, Part I

Non-traumatic knee pain

Working in a physical medicine setting, a patient complaint I see on daily basis is knee pain. The knee pain complaints in this setting and that commonly present in the primary care setting are typically non-traumatic, non-emergent in nature. Before working in physical medicine, I didn’t truly appreciate how complex the knee is. There are quite a few different causes for non-traumatic knee pain, in this blog post I am going to cover iliotibial band syndrome and patellofemoral pain syndrome. 

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