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The Scoop on Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders currently seen in health care. While a chronic GI disorder that affects the large intestine may seem simple, it is actually a very complex disorder. IBS is multifactorial in nature and goes beyond the large intestine. Many health care providers, including myself, may … Read more


Lindee Abe, APRN Every November when the temperature starts dropping in the Midwest, I wonder why I live in an area that is so cold. There are people love the cold, but I am not one of them. Every extreme of temperature has its associated health risks, especially cold weather. The winter brings myocardial infarctions … Read more

Pulmonary Disease Findings

Pulmonary disease findings

Bunnany Chhun Pekar, PhD, CRNA, AGACNP The purpose of this blog is to discuss some of the more common pulmonary disease findings.  Please refer to my previous blog for a discussion on how to perform a complete pulmonary physical examination.  Before we begin, what does the term “clinical findings” mean? Let us start with differentiating … Read more

Providing Surgical Wound Care

Joshua Nowocin, PA-C Providing surgical wound care is a very common outpatient practice. Almost every outpatient center has had to provide Surgical wound care. There is plenty of information regarding wounds, so to keep it simple, this discussion will focus on Surgical wounds with normal and abnormal healing. Likewise, wounds can be classified as acute, … Read more

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