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Pediatric Drip Doses

Drug Standard Concentration Mac Concentration (C-line) Max Concentration (PIV) Usual Dosage Range Usual Starting Dose Usual Titration Increments Dobutamine 2.4 mg/ml 6mg/ml Not recommended 5-20 mcg/kg/min 5-10 mcg/kg/min 5 mcg/kg/min Epinephrine 0.12 mg/ml 1mg/ml Not recommended 0.01-2 mcg/kg/min 0.1mcg/kg/min 0.1 mcg/kg/min Esmolol 20 mg/ml 20 mg/ml 20 mg/ml 50-500 mcg/kg/min 50 mcg/kg/min 50 mcg/kg/min Fentanyl … Read more

COPD Exacerbation – Do they also need antibiotic coverage?

COPD exacerbations are commonly seen in the emergency room, urgent care, and primary care setting. Treatment can usually be managed outpatient with the combination of beta adrenergic agonists ( albuterol ) and or with anticholinergic agents ( ipratropium) with MDI or nebulizer, In addition patients are usually prescribed systemic glucocorticoid therapy. Current guidelines suggest a … Read more

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