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The Neglected Benefits of Vitamin D

Lindee Abe, ARNP Vitamin D is back! In the beginning of the 20th century, it was not uncommon for patients with infectious diseases (like influenza and tuberculosis) to be placed outside. One rationale for this is that the fresh air created a natural ventilation system that decreased the spread of the infectious disease particles. While … Read more

Basic Chest X-Ray Interpretation

Melissa Cody, ARNP The chest radiograph (CXR) is by far the most commonly ordered radiographic exam. This is because it can give the clinician quick and easy insight into what may be ailing their patient. Most practice sites are lucky enough to have immediate access to a radiologist’s interpretation – but what if you don’t? … Read more

Providing Surgical Wound Care

Joshua Nowocin, PA-C Providing surgical wound care is a very common outpatient practice. Almost every outpatient center has had to provide Surgical wound care. There is plenty of information regarding wounds, so to keep it simple, this discussion will focus on Surgical wounds with normal and abnormal healing. Likewise, wounds can be classified as acute, … Read more

Ultrasound Series: The FAST Exam


Camilo Mohar, DO A commonly used ultrasound technique is the Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST). This exam identifies intra-abdominal bleeding. With the advent of ultrasound, many procedures have been relinquished to just the history of medicine. Likewise, deep peritoneal lavage (DPL) is one of those procedures. DPL was classically performed on patients with … Read more

How to Study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Physician Assistant PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Payal Shah, PA-C, EMPA Learning how to study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine starts with the specialty you practice. I graduated from a Florida PA school in 2017. Immediately afterward I moved to rural Illinois to start working in emergency medicine. The difference in weather was the least of my concerns with starting practice as … Read more

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