My Journey To Being an NP

jason thornton nurse practitioner

When I introduce myself to the people who take our courses, I say “My name is Jason, and I am the oddball of the bunch”. I thought I’d share the story of my journey to becoming a nurse practitioner. When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I am … Read more

HEART Score for ED Chest Pain

This is the HEART score, which be used to decide which patients require admission to the hospital for chest pain, and which ones can be safely discharged. It is recommended that the score (and criteria) be documented in your chart! Favorite

Suturing 101: A Stitch In Time…

Time to Suture Great! You’ve attended our course and got your first taste of suturing. You went home and practiced your suturing techniques and are feeling pretty good about your newly developed skills. Now, you’ve arrived back at the office and as you begin your shift the attending says, “Glad to see you! We are … Read more

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