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Innovating Healthcare with PPE Medical

There has always been a need for healthcare. In turn, there are problems within the system and delivery of it. Ever-changing as it has always been, today’s healthcare landscape continues to progress towards a model that provides efficient, value-based, and beneficial care delivery for everyone. One of the greatest barriers to this effort is inefficient communication and unity among MD/DOs, Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners simply because of the way that they are trained.

Providers have traditionally been limited in their core training by schools focused only on their type of clinical practice and pre-defined roles. for MD/DOs, Physicians Assistant and Nurse Practitioners this means that they are educated with different philosophies and trained separately. Because of this, each type of provider has varying amounts of patient care hours, clinical experience and field-based knowledge. After completing their training APP’s, are expected to work together as a clinical team with experienced practitioners and physicians, and many aren’t given the exposure to feel confident about their care delivery.

Provider Practice Essentials is working to solve that.

Why Learn with Provider Practice Essentials?

The goal of Provider Practice Essentials, also known as PPE, is to bridge the gap between three separate healthcare providers with a unified training that allows for MD/DO’s, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners to build off of each other’s knowledge and strengths. By providing the exposure to learn from one another and ask questions that lead to meaningful discussion, our method allows for a common understanding. In return, that encourages better communication, which creates a clearer delivery of healthcare as a whole, and a method to do it as a team. Creating a team mentality and instilling confidence allow for one’s true clinical strengths to add value to any team.

Every class is taught by a residency-trained and board-certified physician who is still practicing medicine. Classes seek to maintain a balance between learning and hands-on practice. By providing this structure, PPE seeks to foster a stronger knowledge base of EKG, radiology, and X-Ray interpretation as well as skin diseases and procedures. On top of that, PPE uses the latest advancements in simulation technology, which ensures that students are able to get the most realistic practice to perform common procedures.

The combination of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants learning together allows all three provider types to build off of each other and learn from each other’s perspectives. At the end of our immersive two-day clinical course, APPs will be given the option to leave with something unique to PPE: a written letter of reference from their teaching physician that validates their skill set from a unique certification exam. This can be taken into any interview or added to any credential file as a testimony of the APPs knowledge base and skill.

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