My Journey To Being an NP

jason thornton nurse practitioner

When I introduce myself to the people who take our courses, I say “My name is Jason, and I am the oddball of the bunch”. I thought I’d share the story of my journey to becoming a nurse practitioner. When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a lawyer. I am … Read more

Who doesn’t need a strong, healthy brain?

brain health and Meditation

Meditation and the Brain A few months ago I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Doctor’s Farmacy with Dr. Mark Hyman, in this particular podcast the topic was meditation. Dr. Hyman was talking with Emily Fletcher, founder of Ziva Meditation, and their discussion really got the wheels in my head turning. Meditation … Read more

15 Ways to Measure Success as a Clinician

15 ways to measure success as a clinician

1. Are you helping people?

Ultimately that’s what we do.. I remember my admissions interview to school when they asked,” why do you want to be so and so..” I want to help people is what I said. I think that’s the most common answer. Isn’t that really why we do what we do?…sometimes we get so bogged down with computers, dictating, billing and administration we forget. Now as a clinician you may not be working code 99’s all day and saving lives all the time. You might be suturing, treating colds, coughs and sore throats.. but are you helping people? And are you satisfied with that? 

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