Depression is a Challenging Diagnosis

Depression - A Challenging Diagnosis

Jason Thornton, APRN Depression is a very common disorder that severely limits quality of life. It is challenging to diagnose and also easily explained away as numerous other emotional or temporary conditions. Depression is in fact very difficult to identify and treat for many patients. Likewise, only 10% of primary care patients are treated for … Read more

How to Study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Physician Assistant PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine

Payal Shah, PA-C, EMPA Learning how to study for the PA-CAQ Emergency Medicine starts with the specialty you practice. I graduated from a Florida PA school in 2017. Immediately afterward I moved to rural Illinois to start working in emergency medicine. The difference in weather was the least of my concerns with starting practice as … Read more

The Art of Persuasion

The Art of Medical Persuasion

Understanding Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and Kairos, and How to Apply Them to Medicine David Hendry, PA-C Interacting with patients requires mastery of many types of persuasion. In one way or another we have all encountered these processes in discussions with our patients. Whether it be the manipulative drug seeker or the Angry family member. The … Read more

How to Improve the American Diet

How to improve the american diet

Over the last few months, we have seen how much power the media and internet have. We all know the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations regarding COVID-19: wear a mask, stay six feet apart and avoid crowds. This message has spread like wildfire throughout the entire world. Why hasn’t a focus on personal … Read more

Basic Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation

The Basics of Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation

Melissa Cody, APRN Pulmonary/Critical Care We are all required to interpret an arterial blood gas at some point in our career. If you’re me you will certainly be looking at them all day; everyday. As an ACNP who works with a Pulmonary / Critical Care team ABGs are also a huge part of my daily … Read more

How to Treat Chest Pain and Bradycardia

Chest Pain and Bradycardia

Rich Greene, PA-C EM Be Still my Beating Heart: Nitro vs Atropine in Bradycardia Case Presentation: A 55 y/o male presents to the Emergency Department with 1 hour of chest pain.  His initial EKG shows a sinus rhythm with a rate of 45 and no ST elevations or depressions. What is your diagnostic approach and … Read more

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