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Chinese Novel Coronavirus Outbreak 2020: Quick Facts for Practitioners

What You Should Know About the Chinese Coronavirus

Near the end of 2019, a new (novel) coronavirus was identified as the cause of a localized group of pneumonias in the Chinese city of Wuhan.  This new coronavirus has been designated 2019-nCoV, and it seems to be spreading globally with laboratory confirmed cases now being reported in other cities in Asia, as well as Australia, France, Germany, the US, and Canada. 

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MEASLES: Coming soon to a practice setting near you (Are you ready?)

Measles outbreaks increasing

In case you have been in a news and media blackout recently, Measles is back.  I have seen headlines such as “Measles cases rocket toward record level”, “555 Measles cases spread to 20 states,” and “Measles outbreak hits ‘completely avoidable’ 25-year high”…despite being declared eliminated in the United States in 2000.  If you are still in current practice, odds are that none of us have seen measles in front of us or thought that we had pretty much eliminated it. Personally, I have only seen one case a few years back and it was in an un-immunized child of a migrant farm worker.  To be honest, it could have been very easily overlooked as just another “viral illness” or “viral exanthem”. Sometimes, it pays to be lucky rather than good. The purpose of this blog is to help prepare you in case this walks into your practice setting…making you both lucky and good.

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