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Patient-Provider Interactions Part 1: The patient’s and your own experience

patient provider interactions

The Stress of Hospitals

Emergency departments can be a stressful place, both for patient’s and healthcare providers.  Patient’s are often scared, in pain or other distress, and anxious about what is happening to them, and what is about to happen to them.  As Providers, we are often caring for multiple sick and/or injured patients who all want one-on-one attention, constant interruption by nurses and other staff, plus keeping things like patient satisfaction and turn-around times in the back of our minds so that we can satisfy administration’s expectation of us.  This mixture can easily lead to dissatisfaction by both patients and Providers, which is completely counter to the reasons many of us went into the practice of Emergency Medicine in the first place. It doesn’t have to be like this, and I can show you some ways to help improve everyone’s experience in the ER.

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